ProtoART - Cartridge

Print in ‘closed mode’ with 3rd party resins without limitations.

The universal cartridge enables you to print with any third party resin in closed mode on your Form 2 & Form 3 printer using any of the Formlabs resin profiles. The cartridge enables all functions like the heater, wiper and auto refill. These functions increase part accuracy and quality.

Resins offered by the manufacturer are expensive($180 per liter and up). There are several companies like Photocentric 3D, ApplyLabWork and 3DResyns offering high quality and special resins for much less(as low as $60 per liter). However, they can only print in the so called ‘open mode’, which disables the wiper, heater and auto filling of the resin tank. Printing quality, accuracy and consistency is much higher when printing in closed mode and some resins can only be printed in this mode and will otherwise fail during printing. In ‘open mode’, the printer will pause after 100ml of resin use, this causes a line/defect in your print. As the resin tank is automatically topped up in ‘closed mode’, you can print as much resin as your model needs without babysitting.

Enable the wiper to reduce stick to the tank. This reduces tank wear and improves part accuracy. Resin stays mixed and consistent.

Resin is sensitive to temperature fluctuations which influences the cure rate. Enable the heater to improve printing accuracy.

Auto dispensing
Automatically dispense resin into the tank when needed. No more 100ml print limitations, no print line and no babysitting.

Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve answered most asked questions below. In case your question is not in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need this product?
The universal cartridge is developed to overcome “open mode” limitations. It enables you to print with exact the same printer functionality as original Formlabs resins. Users of the universal cartridge have experienced more consistent and accurate print quality compared to printing in open mode. Several manufacturers developed specialty resins which are not offered by Formlabs. They can now be printed using the full functionality of the machine. Some of the other “closed mode printing” advantages with the universal cartridge are continuous printing of >100ml parts without forced stops and weld lines.

Which resins are compatible with the printer and universal cartridge and what settings should I use?
Several manufacturers have developed resins specifically for the form 2. They can tell you which resin profile their specific resin is developed for. If this is not specified, a good starting point is using one of the standard resin profiles with the corresponding color of the resin.

Some manufacturers of resins that are confirmed working are:
- ApplyLabWork (US)
- Photocentric (UK)
- 3DResyn (ES)
- Druckwege (GER)
- Molecule (US)
- Loctite
- Peopoly

Is it difficult to install a module myself into an empty cartridge?
The modification requires a basic understanding of drilling and soldering.
To install a module, you need to drill one 3mm hole in the bottom compartiment of a cleaned cartridge, solder two wires and glue the module in place. As the hole is not drilled in the top parts which hold the resin, there is no risk of leakage.

When buying the ready-to-run cartridge, no modification by the user is needed.

Below video illustrates how to install the module into an empty cartridge.

Does the universal cartridge work with the latest firmware?
The Universal cartridge is confirmed working with the latest Formlabs firmware of the Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3B.

Is there any limitation?
The following formlabs resin profiles are supported:

  • Standard - Black V3, V4
  • Standard - White V3, V4
  • Standard - Grey V3, V4
  • Standard - Clear V2, V4
  • Dental - Model V2
  • Engineering - Durable
  • Engineering - Flexible
  • Engineering - Grey Pro
  • Engineering - High Temp
  • Engineering - Rigid
  • Engineering - Tough V4, V5
  • Jewelry - Castable V2
  • Jewelry - Castable Wax
In case you need support for a different resin type, please contact us for more info. Please note that virtually all 3rd party manufacturers develop their resins to be used with one of the standard resin types. All universal cartridges are limited to 10 resets. This equals about 20 liter of resin. After this, another 20 liter can be ordered for the module price with a 50% discount. Please contact us for details.

Please note that while excellent results have been achieved, 3rd party resins and the universal cartridge are neither recommended nor supported by formlabs. Use at your own risk.